Anya Fletcher

I am Anya Fletcher, a native Russian residing in Zurich, Switzerland.


Growing up in Moscow my interests were medicine, psychotherapy and psychology along with an interest in healing and spiritual development. I followed in my father's footsteps and studied medicine becoming a general nurse but my hospital experience piqued my curiosity to understand the root cause of illnesses and whether there was a connection between the physical body and the mind.


After graduating from university I became a Psychologist and continued my professional development in Psychotherapy in Moscow, St. Petersburg and later in England.

I began practicing spiritual techniques, meditation and reading. I came across Michael Newton’s and later Dolores Cannon’s books and found these different  hypnosis methods fascinating. In 2012, I attended and completed the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT) course Levels 1 & 2 where I was trained by Dolores Cannon and became a fully qualified QHHT Practitioner.


In 2014, I studied at The Newton Institute and became a certified Life Between Lives (LBL) Therapist. Spiritual Hypnotherapy awakened the connection with my Higher Self and taught me the purpose of my life. These methods complement my Clinical Hypnotherapy qualifications and experience.  Since 2017 I offer Intuitive Life Coaching to my clients and assist them in connecting with their inner power so they can make changes to live more fulfilling lives.


The regression session with Anya gave me so much more than I'd imagined.

I can earnestly recommend Anya's expertise to anyone. She is a gentle, kind soul who guided me safely throughout the entire regression where we explored several of my past lives together. I felt protected and comforted at all times by her soothing voice and her comforting words. I was extremely fortunate to see and receive very beautiful, powerful and emotional images and messages during the regression.

It has given me a new valuable perspective of life and what my purpose here is. After the session I felt positively different, like I'd changed. I felt positive energy charged within me. I felt inner peace, love, happiness and a new realization about life's priorities. As a result of this experience, I feel that the healing process has begun for me and I am ever so grateful for what it has done to me.

Michelle, Switzerland

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