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Past Life Regression combines an interview, hypnosis and question process that will allow you to recall and experience moments of the past; including, earlier events in your current life, past / parallel lives or lives in different forms and dimensions. Some people may perceive themselves as energy or a being without a body.

Past Life Regression can be experienced as its own journey to your past or as the first session of Life Between Lives spiritual regression. 

Your Subconscious / Higher Self will always select, show and guide you through a relevant (sometimes multiple) past life/lives throughout various periods. I will navigate you through your past life using a series of techniques and questions to help determine the full picture of your life, the time period, social setting, collate the information and explore your roles, lessons and purposes of your soul journey.

Are you interested in the full picture - exploring your role and the purposes of your soul journey? If you are ready to uncover the roots of your habitual behaviours, answer profound questions and revisit unfinished business, Past Life Regression will provide clarity on your purpose for the future whilst providing understanding and closure on the past.


First, we will discuss your aims and expectations of the session. Any questions about the process can be asked at this stage.

The second part is hypnosis - I will ask you to get comfortable and allow yourself to relax, close your eyes, concentrate on breathing, listen to what I say and I will encourage you to respond. To activate the right side of your brain I will conduct a series of visualisation exercises to guide you to reach the somnambulistic state of hypnosis, so your mind can be taken to your past experiences or past lives to see and explore.

Every scene chosen by your Higher Self is relevant to what you wish to resolve or understand. It will help to deepen your experience if you try not to think, analyse, criticise or judge what you see but just experience it. 

After examining your past events or past lives you will get insights about your life purpose and / or lessons along that journey. You will understand why you have been taken to this particular lifetime. I will then bring you back to your current life.


After the session we will spend another 20 – 30 minutes addressing any other questions you may have about the session. This will be the first step in gradually integrating your new knowledge to you current situation.

approx. 4-5 hrs 

Session Preparation
  • You are key to having a great session! Once you have made the decision to have a session, your Higher Self is already preparing and getting ready to lead you by choosing the right journey for you.  First you must believe that it is truly possible and then you are ready to experience it.   


  • Meditation is very helpful because it clears your mind. If you meditate, try to do it at some point before the session. If you don’t meditate, take a walk, relax and spend time in nature, listen to soothing music, etc.  We want your body to be able to relax easily, but your mind to be quiet, alert and engaged.

  •  On the night before & on the day of your session please do not drink alcohol and coffee.


  • Eat a light yet sustainable meal.  


Following your session, you will be sent a recording of the session via email or I encourage you to listen to your recording. It is an important part of your spiritual journey. Just like your dreams the memories of your journey can fade, even if you had a very memorable experience. 


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