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Mission Hypnosis | Anya Fletcher

Anya Fletcher

Mission Hypnosis | Anya Fletcher

Your portal to teachings, happiness and clarity 

A hypnotic technique

that accesses previous lives in the physical or non-physical forms and undertaken either in pursuit of a spiritual experience, or uncover the roots of your current situation.


Navigate through past  experiences and unfinished business with other souls in previous individual existences.

Determine a full picture of your life, explore your role, lessons and purposes of your soul journey.

A hypnotic therapy process, which allows you to

access the part of yourself

which has all the answers

and receive instantaneous healing if it is appropriate.

Enter a spiritual space

that allows you to directly communicate with your subconscious or higher

self for guidance. 

Create your new reality – 

release negative beliefs, heal traumas,

difficult situations, relationships and illnesses. 

A coaching process that delves into your rooted limiting beliefs and connects you to the divine, offering healing and a release of negative patterns to move your life forward.


Recognise your pure creative nature and ability to focus; remove mental barriers and inner restrictions to help lead a more meaningful life.

Unleash your natural ability to create what you love in your life, despite conditions; engage your intuition to take action towards your dream. 

A deep hypnotic process, designed to reconnect you with your soul, 

by understanding your immortal identity through your journey to the spirit world.


This journey to enlightenment explores who you really are, your true worth and uniqueness through the discovery of your life between reincarnations.


Receive love and wisdom from a place of peace, interacting with spirit guides, wise beings, teachers, soulmates and soul friends.


I feel very fortunate to be guided by the universe. I experience my soul journey, power, strength,  beauty, ability and mission… I am privileged to be able to provide an opportunity for people to

access their ultimate wisdom to gain further insight regarding their present life path.

Anya Fletcher

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